Today is a day of pain, hurt, and prayer. I awoke this morning to a mom of one of my students statuses, saying how she doesn’t understand who could do this, and how to help her child feel more comfortable about going to school. I began searching to see what had happened; that is when I scrolled down and saw the news about the Newton, Connecticut shooting.

Words cannot describe. Those 18 small children, who had nothing to do with the shooter other than being in his mother’s classroom, are now dead. Their families full of pain and grief. While, I do not have kids of my own, nor do I have any younger siblings, cousins, or anything of the sort. But that does not lessen the pain I feel from this tragedy. I have been a wreck of emotions. Tears have been flowing and it is hard for me to focus on other things.

The first comments I read after finding out about this massacre are about gun advocacy and gun control. People spewing how if there were guns allowed for every citizen we would be a safer country, or how if we just regulated guns, we’d be a safer country. I can see both sides, though my political background would lean me towards the former. However at this moment I say we should stop thinking like that and instead give our hearts up to the families who lost a child or family member today.

We need to stop politicizing tragedies to make our political platform look better. If we just stopped and thought for a second about these families, maybe said a prayer of thanks for our families, we could truly start changing the world. Are you willing to stop pushing your politics to just sit and suffer with the families? Or are you going to be heartless and continually buy into the political machine? Your choice.


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