Are you being a pastor?

Are you a pastor? Some of you reading this post may think, “Nope, that’s the guy who talks at church on Sundays.” Yes, you are right. Through the church we have looked to one man as a pastor, one man as a youth pastor, and one as a children’s ministry pastor. There are so many countless examples I could post on here.

I think we do not understand what it is that a pastor truly does. A good friend once told me that we are all pastors. That took me by surprise. How can we all be a pastor? I began asking these questions. I don’t have a degree, I took barely enough school for a minor, and I am in theater. Then I truly understood. We are called to help usher God into people’s lives. A pastor is not just a spiritual leader for this mass congregation. A pastor is not the face of a church. A pastor is someone who takes the time to listen to a person’s problems and help that person through that. So I ask again, are you a pastor?

As Christians, we are meant to lead others to our King. We are meant to pastor people to the glory. This doesn’t just mean getting them saved, but rather having a personal relationship and helping those you saved. It seems today, in churches, we want everyone to get involved and to be saved, but no one is taking the time to invest in the average church-goers life. We hold these powerful services, which gain many children to the family of God, but do we invest personally in their lives? I argue no. We usually ask someone to pray a prayer and they will be saved, hoping they will get connected somewhere with someone. I will be the first to admit, I don’t always want to help those new Christians. But we are meant to. We are a family, and we had better start acting like one. I am being serious. Pastors do not even invest personal time with members of their congregation. There are the “select” few. But is that influencing the church? Doesn’t that hurt your feelings when your church’s pastor takes time out of his day to hang out with someone who is not you?  This is why we each should treat ourselves like pastors. Now I am not saying each one of us is called to the pulpit on Sunday mornings, rather I am getting at the fact that we need people to influence and invest in our fellow attendee’s life.

I challenge you to do that this week. I challenge you to pastor someone, to help them better their relationship with Christ. Do not pick someone, who you know already talks to someone else, find someone who is new and talk to them. Invest in their life. Do not try to recruit them to your really nice Bible study, or the church softball team. Just be that friendly face they can talk to on Sunday morning.


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