Are Kids Growing Up too Fast, Part 2

Last week I posed the question, are kids growing up too fast? I am sure many of you have reasons, and this is the continuation.

I think many people have begged the question over the ages. I bet the generation before mine thought the same thing and so on and so forth. I think there is such a pressure for kids to grow up way too fast in this day and age. When a 13 year old is having sexual problems I didn’t have until I was 19, there is a serious problem there. So what is the issue? Why are they exceeding every other generation in areas like sex, drugs, alcohol, and language? Are the parents to blame?

Let’s focus on the parent thing for a second. I believe this could be part of the problem. More people becoming parents are starting that journey at such a young age. Shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, while they don’t glorify sex and motherhood, have had an influence on the youth of America. These children are becoming mothers at much younger ages before, albeit the Biblical times people were married off at that young; that was their culture. In this day and age those who have sex and/or a baby before they are 18 are considered skanky or slutty. It is just how it is. Yet we are moving away from that current trend. And these children becoming mothers, those who decide to keep the baby, are losing their childhood and thus cause problems with their parenting. While they may be trying to be the best parent they can be, sometimes, your best is not good enough.

Another point on parenting would be that there is not enough of it in this day and age. We have become a nation of working parents, dumping our children off on some poor college student or day care and expect these people to rear our children in the way that we want them to be. I have found that this leads to disconnect between the parent and their child. The child then acts out and loathes the parent, because they were never there. This forces a child to grow up physically too fast without the emotional side catching up. Many people in this day and age are emotionally immature with the bravado of being older than they actually are. I know this especially because I was one of the kids who grew up physically rather than emotionally.

Where do you feel you fit into this spectrum? Were you more emotionally mature or physically mature? How do you fix that? And how do we help future generations to feel as if they don’t need to grow up so fast.


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