Movie Monday

Here is Movie Mondays, a time where I review a movie and tell you if I liked it or not. Today we have Dredd!


What happens to the world when it ceases to exist as we know it? What are the rules? Are there any? Who upholds justice?

            In the film Dredd, starring Karl Urban, we get a glimpse into this post-apocalyptic world. The world is now confined into Mega-City 1, the eastern coast of, formerly, the United States, and over 800 million people live inside the city’s walls. Anything outside is known simply as “cursed earth”. There are still the old earth structures, houses, roads, and skyscrapers, with even larger super structures of the new earth. The people of the earth now think they are free to do what they want; however, that is not the case with the Judges. They are the police force, jury, and executioner. Judges are expected to have great decisions between justice and injustice.

            A question that is asked through the film: “What is justice?” This I feel is a great question. Many people ask themselves this question on a daily basis, although our questions range from, “Is this moral?” to “What is ethical?” still the thought and question rings true, “What is justice?”

            The one question that stuck out to me was, “Am I good enough?” This question comes to the audience when a new Judge, Judge Anderson, is introduced. Anderson is a dainty looking twenty-one year old girl. She seems to be not cut out, until the Chief Judge, reveals to us her secret. Dredd is tasked with evaluating the young girl, to see if she makes the cut to be a Judge. That begs the question, “Am I good enough?” Both Dredd and Anderson deal with this question, although more overtly seen in Anderson’s decisions and thoughts.

            As they journey through these questions they are caught up by some baddies, and although I will not share the ending or anything that leads to the end, I will say that it is action packed and these questions are clearly seen throughout the film. The judgment question will have you second guessing even your own basic assessment of what justice truly is. While Anderson figures out if she is good enough, you will find yourself- at least I did- evaluating your own life to determine the answer to the same issue.

            An underlying theme seems to be about drugs. The new drug slow-mo is a brand new drug hitting the market at an alarming rate. The drug’s effects make you perceive time at 1 percent its normal rate. Wouldn’t that be great? Experiencing life at that speed? Imagine the beauty and the sense of freedom one could feel. It seems very enticing. Which leads me to ask would you slow time down, if you could?

            This movie was not perfect, but nothing is nowadays. I found many parallels between it and the Bible. Look at the book of Judges, basically Israel had no king, no form of leadership. These judges came along and actually helped the land. They were interim leaders and upheld the law. In the same way I find Dredd to have very similar comparisons. While the images created in the film seem very intense and disturbing at some points, I will continually draw back to the parallel of the Bible. It gives it a redeeming quality, and that is something more movies need to have, especially in today’s day and age.

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars. The questions brought up and the parallels that can be drawn are something that makes this movie so great. The acting, although not focused on, was stupendous. The visuals, again not a main focus, but were amazing, and are drawing me to see the movie again, although in 3D. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the movie.


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