Are Kids Growing Up too Fast, Part 1

            I have been thinking about this very recently. I am a director for a youth theater group and working with these youngsters gives me a very unique opportunity: I get to talk to these young children and influence them. In these talks I have been fortunate enough to advise these kids and help them out with their problems.  It is seriously one of the greatest things about my job.

            Probably the last thing I ever thought that I would hear out of a student’s mouth was that they were struggling with sexual issues. I had sat down to talk with a 13 year old girl, and she kept looking at her phone. After many frustrating grunts and angry eyes I asked her what was the matter. She then showed me her phone and said, with an air of proudness, “This guy keeps asking me to have sex with him.” What the heck? Seriously, and this YOUNG girl is not the only one I hear about. So I pose the question, are children growing up too fast?

To be continued…


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